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We offer specialised services in managing construction projects.

Contract management

We know how challenging the preparation and implementation of the construction project is. In the course of time there may be a number of situations that may endanger the planned completion date as well as the investor price. Our task it to prevent any crisis situation, or to deal effectively with them.

The purpose of the contract management is to provide the efficient management of the building project in order to be made in a timely manner and in the required quality in connection with the contract of work.

We help in the creation of tender documentation, keep track of deadlines and fluent continuity of individual building works, manage contractual correspondence, define risks and look for suitable solutions. At the same time we make sure that everything is done in accordance with valid legislation.

Budget and price expertise

A well-established budget is a basis for each construction. In Contract Management, we have expert appraisals at all stages of preparation down to a fine art. With us, the client knows at the beginning, what investment will be needed.

We provide a well-prepared list of works in accordance with the project documentation and valid legislation, by which we eliminate problems in building implementation.

We also provide assistance in the selection proces of a tender. We compare the completeness and accuracy of the bidder’s bids and identify abnormally low bid prices.

We simply find what others do not search for.

Electronic administration and document management

Chaos in documentation, lack of documents and lots of turmoil may cause the construction to be delayed and become more expensive. Using our IT systems, we can establish order in the project documentation and also in the whole building process.

We offer electronic administration of documents related to the contract, which consists in collecting, checking, sorting, recording and storing in a data warehouse. Everything is clear in one place, in electronic form and available from anywhere. This makes the project to run smooth without unnecessary delays.

Time management

We can determine the real time requirement of a building on the basis of well defined schedules. Our team is engaged in processing such schedules and conducting thorough analysis. We evaluate methodological accuracy (identifying the critical path, interconnecting individual activities, etc.) and reveal possible hidden reserves. At the same time, we maintain schedules of activities in line with the financial schedule, by which we successfully prevent collisions.

We also help projects in crisis. We set up the functional processes that make it possible for the investor to complete the construction successfully.

Analyzes and assessments

If necessary, we can process a retrospective and prospective analysis of the building, capturing the sequence of all events in constraction preparation and implementation. By which we identify which of the events had a direct impact on the time of completion of the construction.

We also carry out expert assessments to verify unit prices and evaluate the eligibility of the contractor’s claims.

Methodological guidelines

We provide a unified and transparent process of consulting engineering and management of construction projects in the Czech Republic. We search for new solutions and procedures to manage a project. We especially follow international FIDIC standards and internal guidelines as well as normative regulations of the contracting authority. In the end, we try to prevent corruption and to establish a unified order in the Czech construction industry.

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