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We help to move construction market for the better.

1. 9. 2016

founding the company

1. 9. 2017

1. anniversary

20. 11. 2017

exceeding 30 employees

Who are we and why do we do this?


We are pioneers in the construction market in the Czech Republic and a leading consulting company in the field of preparation, active management and administration of buildings.

We provide full service to investors or investor organizations.

We create price expertise and budgets. We help with tenders. We provide technical supervision of buildings and their time and financial management. At the same time, we manage the project documentation and we ensure that it complies with current legislation. Everything is dealt individually so that our clients are satisfied. We help to fulfill even the most demanding construction vision – quality, timely and at an adequate cost.

We are simply experts and we enjoy our work.

Our vision, mission and value


The mission of Contract management is to introduce standards for cunsulting engineering and management of construction projects.

We follow the rules:

Differently – we keep loolking for new ways to do the work better.

Quality – quality is a basic attribute that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Standardized – we create order and rules where they lack. We are changing and moving the constulting engineering industry in the Czech Republic.

Education is very important for us, thanks to the education we flexibly adapct to new trends and current legislation. We know very well that what is valid today, might not be valid tomorrow.

Partnership and membership of associations



  • Czech Association of Consulting Engineers (CACE) | www.cace.cz


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